Monday, 19 August 2013

Sewcalled and Literate go on a road trip. With Ryan Gosling and Dr.Who bonus features!

Last Friday Sewcalled and I were let loose from our respective studios and were unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

My plan was to initiate Sewcalled into the delights of the quilt  festival at the NEC.

Having lost my own festival virginity last year and having my 

by the 
I'd ever seen.

(which my phone shots do not do justice too :-( )
With many apologies to the artists who created these wonderful quilts for not having had the forethought to make a note of their names (I've done better this year).

I was keen to share the quilty goodness with Sewcalled. I should add, at this juncture, that neither of us are really quilters. I dabble with applique and enjoy a bit of free motion quilting on a small scale and Sewcalled dabbles with a bit of piecing but full on quilters we are not. We do, however, love a bit of fabric and stitch porn!

So on with the show.

We elected to take Sewcalled's car, it being slightly more refined than my ride and having the advantage of air con! Whoa there, back the truck up. Air con necessary in a British summer? Yes folks it does happen.
We're on our way!
 We made exceptionally good time arriving half an hour before the festival opened. This was the end of the queue, complete with the necessary security - these quilters are feisty and have sharp elbows. So in true Literate and Sewcalled style we...

grabbed a caffeine shot.
Literate needs a caffeine hit before venturing in to the festival.

Coffee downed, let battle commence.

Within minutes I had fallen foul of the quilt gestapo sweet elderly lady. When I inadvertently and accidentally walked in front of a quilt she was trying to photograph. I genuinely thought she was going to run me through with a seam ripper. I'm sure you've met her type. Bossy, busy body, thinks she knows it all, Margot Leadbetter crossed with Hyacinth Bouquet and rude to boot!
(Sorry to overseas readers those cultural references will be lost on you so here's a little taster of Hyacinth and Margot in action).

Having recovered from this traumatising encounter we started perusing the splendid quilts, although I did keep one eye open for the quilt gestapo sweet elderly lady.

There seemed to be an emphasis on the traditional this year (I know I should have shelled out for a guide book which would have told me all about it but I was saving my budget for fabric ;-) ). I confess the traditional isn't really my style, although I can appreciate the work that goes into them. However, there was plenty I did find to ogle lovingly.

I loved the incredible detail in these quilts by Alison Bramley.
By Alison Bramley

The question is does Sewcalled have failing eyesight or is she just getting up close and personal with a quilt? Answers on a postcard please.

This two person quilt with needle turn appliqué was amazing, don't ask me why I didn't take a shot of the whole thing though - doh!

Just incredible.

Not really my cup of tea but you have to marvel at this quilt made from ties.

Apologies for not noting the name of the maker.

Then there was London in fabric

Damn! Why did I not note the makers name, so rude of me sorry.

This was a master piece, two amazing works of art in one.

Of course just to prove to my geeky daughter (aka Geek Girl) that

quilting is in fact cooler than a cool thing.

Dr. Who regenerated in quilt form.

Who,in my opinion, was not a patch on this one

Christopher Ecclestone as Dr Who

And then there was also the man himself...
Ryan Gosling

No silly not that man!

This man

The one and only
Kaffe Fasset

My Grandma made dozens of his jumpers in the 70's and 80's for one of my aunts, oh how gran hated those jumpers!

I have to say though I am a big fan of his fabric, such gorgeous colours and patterns. I was lucky enough to go to his exhibition A Life in Colour in London with my friend Lucy a few weeks ago a real treat and very inspiring.

There also had to be some shopping...

But you'll have to wait for that bit of eye candy cos I'm saving that for my next post ;-)


PS You may have noticed that I have watermarked the photos. The photographs were all taken by me, hence the watermark feel free to pin with the pin it buttons that will appear when you hover.

The quilts obviously were not made by me and are the property of the maker.

Photo of Ryan Gosling courtesy of People Magazine and the power of Google images and Christopher Eccleston via the BBC.