Sunday, 4 August 2013

My best friend is a hump jumper, some quantum mechanics and how £2.95 saves my sanity.


Do you want to know a secret?

Tick whichever applies
1.Yes please I love secrets and I will take your secret with me to my grave.
2. Yes please I love secrets they make me feel like I'm in a special club.
3. Yes please but I will share it with everyone I know because I'm the local blabber mouth.
4. No thanks I couldn't give a tiny rats arse (ah Ross Geller where are you now?)  

If you ticked 1 you probably need to get out more.
If you ticked 2 you probably need to get out more.
If you ticked 3 you probably need to stay in more.
If you ticked 4 you probably need to go and read a different blog or possibly watch re runs of Friends!

Now if you're still here lets get down to my guilty little secret...

One of my very best friends is a hump jumper.

There I've said it, shrodingers cat is now out of the sewing basket and is alive and well.

(That was the quantum mechanics if you were wondering)

So just who is this mysterious friend that loves jumping humps?

She lives in my sewing room and comes out to play regularly because, quite frankly, I can't abide this nastiness.
Look at that horrid uneven stitching just before the piping. YUK!

Double YUK! This is even worse, truly offensive to my sensibilities.

Yes, it's those annoying places where your sewing machine struggles to get through multiple layers of fabric e.g. at seams and generally just ends up making a hot mess of your project. Some might criticise me for being overly picky at this point but I don't care, it really bothers me. It's one of those annoyances like the mispronunciation of the letter aitch. There is no h sound - the clue's in the spelling folks!

Anyway, I digress.

Hump jumper to the rescue!

Mine looks like this...
My BFF the hump jumper. One word of caution just be careful with decorative stitches, I was using a fairly wide stitch and the needle hit the jumper, not pretty and the end of a brand new needle.

This is her on her side, different depths for different heights of hump. Neat eah!
and is also know as a button reed. It cost the princely sum of £2.95 (grossly over priced for a bit of plastic really but saving my sanity - priceless!) in fact if you're a real cheap skate you could make your own from a folded bit of card - there's a video of that on Youtube too ;-)

I could go into a long and detailed explanation of how to use this little bit of plastic but you'd probably get bored so check out this video instead, it's not identical to what I have but the principal is the same. Just to warn you the video is not in it's first flush of youth (and for those of you that don't know me in the real world, no it isn't me) but it does show you how the thing works.

Much better

Now do a Google search for hump jumper and it may bring up some interesting hits. So it may be better to search for button reed, or not, really depends if you like to live life on the edge.

You never know next week we might investigate bosonic string theory, super string theory and their relation to M- theory ! But perhaps I'll just stick to sewing, with a bit of life thrown in.

Oh and next week I'm off to the NEC in Birmingham for the quilt show with my buddy Sewcalled so there'll be a report about that coming up soon.