Monday, 29 July 2013

Have table will travel.

So, last time we spoke my buddy from Mysewcalleddesigns and I had been given the oppurtunity to present our freshly sewn items at the Ball Colgrove event. 

Despite swearing we would never, ever do another outdoor event cue vivid memories of the disastrous howling gale, torrential rain, too many horses debacle  of a couple of months ago. This event was nigh on perfect, I blame our chum Caroline (Casey) for this although her planning magnificence doesn't quite stretch to credit for the perfect balmy summer evening. 

We arrived at the venue and sauntered over to an official looking chap to receive our instructions. Drive over the grass following the other tracks, round that large bank of earth and  you'll see all the other gazebos. You can park there and unload and then park back down here. 


As instructed I managed to negotiate the afore mentioned obstacles and no flowers were damaged during the execution of this manoeuvre - 


We didn't bother with a gazebo (gazebos are not our friends) but placed ourselves beneath the shade of some beautiful lime trees. Before us a panorama of  flower beds.

Not quite cracked the art of display!
So with tables and rails erected and our goods arranged and then rearranged and rearranged again causing our event neighbour from Bradshaw's Ice Cream considerable mirth. We were ready for the crowds. 

And wow what a crowd! Look at the queue for our stall!

What's that? 

You don't believe me. 

Ok so it was the queue for Mr. Bradshaw's delicious ice-cream but we can dream. 

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